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Tego Inc and RF Contols Partner to Accelerate Smart Factory Industry 4.0 Solution Adoption for Aerospace and Defense

WALTHAM MA SEPTEMBER 03, 2022 – Industrial solution provider, Tego Inc is pleased to announce a partnership with RF Controls to deliver Tego’s smart factory solution to aerospace and defense companies and other discrete manufacturers.

“Tego has successfully installed CS Smart Antennas in a production site, with up to 45 ft ceilings, and results stand for themselves that RF Controls products enable a unique and scalable battery-free RTLS option for our customers” said Timothy Butler, founder and CEO of Tego Inc. “RF Controls hardware seamlessly plugged in to Tego’s end-to-end platform solution. The result is a best in class connected solution for use in rugged production and supply chain environments. This enhances Tego’s platform solution, which delivers enterprise-wide visibility, automated process traceability, and integrated reporting with other software programs like MES and SAP. By teaming together, we facilitate faster solution adoption and implementation among customers.”

Tego Inc’s platform solution targets the estimated $40 Billion smart factory market segment consisting of aerospace and defense manufacturers. The solution delivers automation and digitalization of production floor inventory, goods movement, and includes manufacturing data process flows and real-time tracking capability. Installed on-premise or in the cloud, companies benefit from the solution’s integrated data analytics which integrates horizontally and vertically for maximum operational benefit and real-time business insights.

Under the agreement, Tego Inc will showcase RF Controls real-time location hardware. The initial collaboration will focus on real-time tracking of parts, components, and materials used by discrete manufacturers throughout their production facilities and as they transform into finished goods. RF Controls co-founder and CIO, Todd Spence, indicated that “Tego’s solution delivers the most comprehensive business process management solution in a no code, automated platform for customer’s ease of scalability. Tego’s end-to-end solution empowers customers with real-time business insights and automated reporting for improved throughput, better profit margins and dynamic resource management planning.”


About Tego Inc

Tego delivers a platform solution for industrial asset tracking, supply chain traceability, and process management. The company’s award-winning platform provides edge intelligence in both disconnected and inhospitable environmental conditions. With thirty granted patents, Tego’s platform is an interoperable system for building rugged IoT deployments.

Tego, founded in 2005, is based in Waltham, MA.


About RF Controls

RF Controls is headquartered in St Louis and its products are made in America. The company is enabling a link between the physical and the digital world through its overhead Passive RFID RTLS solution. Its award winning CS Smart Antenna, Best New Product RFID Journal 2019, is part of the foundation for a connected future where logistics, manufacturing and retail are transformed into continuous, hands-free, location captured data of every item and asset. For some customers it is the first time they can truly see what they have been trying to manage all along.


Contact: info@rf-controls.com

Address: 1400 S 3rd St, Suite 220, St. Louis, MO 63104-4430

Media contact:

LaVerne Cerfolio


Inside Big Data: Staying Agile by Focusing On the “T” in the IoT

Unlike traditional IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, edge computing looks to bring the power of the data closer to the asset itself so that decision making is quicker and data is nearer the hands of the right folks who can take the right actions. In practice, it’s called, “Decision making at the point of read.”

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Driving in our Data Driven World

Last time I addressed some basics of the Internet of Things based on what appears to be a fundamental misunderstanding by lots of people. I also ventured into the area of wireless, batteryless devices to consider how they will be deployed in much larger numbers than their heavyweight counterparts that have on-board microprocessors running network stacks. Those concepts will also be applicable this time around as we delve into Big Data. Just like last time, it’s based on some questions I hear a lot. “What’s all this about big data? I get we’re generating tons of data, but what does that do for me? How is big data improving my life?”
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What’s This All About the Internet of Things?

Something interesting has happened to me recently.  On three separate occasions over the past couple weeks, three different people have said to me, “What’s all this about the Internet of Things?”.  These are all people that I consider to be pretty well clued in on current technology, all of them have invested in high-tech startups, and all make their livings in technology businesses of some sort.  And yet each one of them didn’t understand why people are talking about an internet of things.  Sometime late last year the IoT rose to the level of having its own recognizable three letter acronym (TLA) and it seems like media chatter on the topic is everywhere these days, so it came as quite a surprise to keep hearing this drumbeat of confusion.  Now I know regular readers of this blog are all very savvy about the topic.  Right?  Right?  Exactly.  That’s part of the problem.  IoT chatter has ramped up so quickly that people don’t want to admit that they don’t get it.  Well, allow me to be the one to go back to the beginning and cover some basics. Continue reading…

Tego as the IoT Connectivity Platform for the “Last 10 Meters”

IOT the last 10 metersWhat exactly is the 10/90 rule as it applies to the Internet of Things (IoT)? According to Dr. Mazlan Abbas at the IoT Global Innovation Forum, the “last 10 meters” represents greater than 90 percent of “things” that are not yet connected to the Internet. This might include devices that utilize sensors for temperature, pressure, moisture and more. While many connectivity options such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi could provide a solution, RF technology is currently poised to be the best method for connecting the devices that are part of the “last 10 meters.”
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Hello? It’s Me, Your Refrigerator…

For some time now, there has been a lot of hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) concept. And for good reason. The interconnectedness of smart assets – products, machines, appliances and even buildings – opens up a world of possibilities.

To date, much of the hype has revolved around consumer applications. We already are starting to see vehicles with networked sensors that can take evasive action to avoid accidents. And one of the most enduring examples of IoT technology remains the vision of a refrigerator that calls to remind you to pick up milk.

But let’s not forget the considerable value that the Internet of Things brings to industrial and commercial applications. As a recent article in Forbes asks, ‘Where does IoT have the greatest potential to create economic value?’ Continue reading…

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