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Digitized Rail – Executives See Maintenance as High Priority

In a recent survey of rail industry executives about the future of digitization in rail operations, it is not a surprise to see that 100 percent of respondents expect digital investments to reap a positive change for their businesses in the short term. The more interesting factor lies within how they expect the change to take shape.

Specifically, the industry sees the highest potential for digitization coming within the specific areas of train control and asset maintenance; there is less enthusiasm, however, for the role of digital change within infrastructure and rolling stock itself.  Do you agree – take our 2 min survey here.

From this, we can infer a number of potential digitization gains that loom largest in the minds of rail operators. Notably, they seek:

Better Turnaround Time – due to the high volume nature of rail transport and especially public transit, asset downtime significantly affects the level of service and exposes visible shortcomings in the public eye. If an operator can use a digital approach to alter the dynamics of maintenance turnaround, it surely will.

Safety – Operational safety is at a premium in the high-passenger-volume arena of public transit. Small issues can quickly turn into outsized negative effects. Executives see digitization as a very real avenue to bolster their safety metrics.

Workforce Education and Expertise – Like many of its industrial peers, the rail sector is not immune to the effects of an aging workforce. Workers with 30+ yrs of experience are poised to take the information they hold in their brains with them when they retire unless organizations find an efficient way to capture and standardize it. Digitization can accelerate and bolster the process of transferring knowledge and training younger workers with “on the job” insight and instructions.

48 percent of rail industry executives see an unbelievably high potential for digitally supported maintenance. Tego has a cost-effective, easy to install solution – to learn about Tego’s asset intelligence platform for transforming rail maintenance and life cycle operations, visit this page.


To schedule a demo and see if Tego can improve the performance of your rail organization, contact us here.

MRO Historian – Business Benefits and ROI Considerations

Validate your ROI with Tego MROHistorian

Understand how OEMs and MRO organizations can realize significant operational savings with MROHistorian – the plug-and-play solution that enables capital-intensive industries to digitize their asset management processes. The business benefits of capturing digital data on assets, parts and components range from reducing labor cost and improved turnaround times, to increased equipment utilization, improved regulatory compliance and enhanced part authenticity and brand security.

Learn more about how MROHistorian can generate value for your business – view the brochure below.

MROHistorian – A “Plug & Play” Digitized Asset Management Solution for OEM Providers, Equipment Operators and OEMs

MROHistorian is an “out-of-the-box” software solution that drives significant efficiencies in asset management and MRO processes in capital-intensive industries. It provides asset owners, operators and maintenance personnel with the ability to store and retrieve critical data and documents directly upon capital assets, eliminating paper-work and manual processes to retrieve records and historical information.

Operators can write and retrieve data directly and securely on parts, components, assemblies, tools, etc, using standard consumer mobile devices or commercial RF readers.

Imagine what it would be like to have digitized information such as manufacturing details, part specifications, authenticity certificates, and progressive maintenance activity directly at your fingertips as asset inspection and maintenance are performed?

Learn more about the solution here.

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Tego Announces MROHistorian for MRO Providers, Equipment Operators and OEMs

New Application Improves Lifecycle Visibility, MRO Efficiency for Mobile and Stationary Capital Assets

WALTHAM, MA. and ATLANTA, GA — APTA EXPO 2017 — October 9, 2017 – Tego, Inc., the leading provider of smart asset solutions delivering meaningful operational intelligence from any asset, anywhere, today announced availability of MROHistorian. Designed with a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) sensibility, MROHistorian provides maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) organizations, as well as asset owners/operators, with a localized data platform to augment their MRO operations and asset management processes.

The solution, built on the company’s award-winning Asset Intelligence Platform, enables maintenance personnel to store and retrieve critical data and documents directly upon capital assets by way of standard consumer mobile devices and commercial RF readers. With digitized information such as manufacturing details, part specifications, authenticity certificates, and progressive maintenance activity embedded onto assets themselves, technicians no longer have to guess or spend time hunting down handwritten part histories, sort for most recent test results, or locate an asset’s compliance status. Instead, information is digitized and stored, managed, and analyzed dynamically upon the asset, at the edge.

“At its heart, effective MRO is all about delivering the right information to the right place at the right time. If an asset that’s being maintained can actually dictate maintenance needs and instructions to employees, at the precise moment in time when maintenance needs to be carried out, the game simply changes,” said Timothy Butler, founder and CEO of Tego, Inc. “We make every asset smart enough to tell its story, whether it is a 30-year lifecycle story, a compliance story for a regulated product, or a maintenance story where immediate knowledge of current and historical context are paramount.”

When data is written directly onto capital assets and replaceable parts, owners, operators and maintenance contractors of equipment open themselves to benefits of sizable scope and breadth, including:

  • Reduce labor cost
  • Eliminate inefficiencies of paper-based processes
  • Significantly improve turnaround times
  • Reduce total lifecycle management costs
  • Optimize equipment utilization rates
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Enhance part authenticity and brand security

Tego MROHistorian represents a direct transference of the company’s heritage in the aerospace industry, where putting data on critical airplane parts and components has dramatically improved decision-making in the field, enhanced passenger safety, supported more accurate reporting, extended product lifecycles, and produced significant cost savings.

Tego will demonstrate the power of MROHistorian at APTA EXPO 2017, Booth 8105, co-located with TTA Systems.

MRO organizations who want to explore how asset intelligence helps optimize processes and remove cost centers can visit https://tegoinc.com/contact/ to set up a demo or (781) 547-5680.

About Tego
Tego powers assets with intelligence. Tego’s Asset Intelligence Platform makes businesses smarter by embedding digital information in assets and components for the aerospace, life sciences, healthcare and manufacturing industries. Insights about assets’ lifecycle history, regulatory compliance and integrity drive operational excellence and new revenue models. Smart asset data is available for the right people and systems, including IoT, EAM, ERP, and Analytics applications.

Tego is an architect and co-author of the aerospace Spec 2000 Ch9-5, has 30 granted patents, serves dozens of global customers including Honeywell, Parker Aerospace, and B/E Aerospace, and is a healthcare leader with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).

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