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Healthcare Supply Chain Management Through The Harshest Sterilization

Empower your RFID tracking system with edge-to-edge data capture through your sterile supply chain


Medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotechnology companies and hospitals all are active in digital transformation. The reason is simple. Each business has a desire for reducing unwanted costs, maximizing delivery of their core competencies, and automating processes to eliminate risk.

Digital transformation begins with automated identification. Automated identification is used for everything from inventory management to monitoring a factory floor to supply chain to capital asset management. Tego is a unique platform solution provider, and expert architect, bringing process control to manufacturing floors, supply chains, and equipment management.

Accurate and reliable identification and business process analytics about a product, sample, or piece of equipment empowers organizational performance and improves business decisions. Our solution lowers costs, minimizes risks, and provides critical safety data whenever it is needed.

Our  Asset Intelligence Platform (AIP) solution offering delivers the following:

  • Sterile supply chain from manufacturing through use (UDI)
  • Environmental Monitoring Laboratories (CGMP)
  • Management of surgical kits
  • Biotechnology equipment management (CGLP)
  • Manage WIP on a smart factory floor
  • Sterile M2M applications for medical device consumables
  • Blockchain on a chip – Guarantee chain of custody with complete auditability

Medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical labs, and healthcare institutions have harsh environmental requirements including clean room standards, sterilization of products and equipment. Tego provides the only industrial RF solution that survives sterilization including:

  • Gamma sterilization
  • eBeam sterilization
  • Ethylene Oxide sterilization
  • Steam sterilization (autoclave)
  • Cold storage (-80C)

The Value and ROI of Tego’s Solution for Lifescience Manufacturers – Read the white paper

Get better visibility and control through sterile environments

Learn how global pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical devices companies are transforming their operations and supply chain management through sterilization-proof smart UDI compliance, e-pedigree, serialization and chain of custody management with Tego.

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