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Tego’s Asset Intelligence Platform™ (AIP™)



  • An application for both fixed and mobile devices, through wireless communication protocol
  • iOS, Android, and Windows and OS X store ready, Login and begin to work
  • Provides edge data, supply chain intelligence, and analytics in both disconnected and connected environments
  • Workflow configurable and easy integration with TegoHub and enterprise applications


  • Provides enterprise-wide visibility in the cloud for rapid deployment
  • No coding required, simple drag and drop wizard interface for process definition
  • Configurable workflow, asset types, and industry data standards provide the most up-to-date data on a product’s lifecycle and business processes
  • Widgets, dashboards are fully scalable and customizable
  • Integration with IoT, EAM and ERP systems


TegoChip™ & Other Auto-ID Inputs
  • Low-power/no-power technology, suitable for disconnected, rugged, and/or mobile assets
  • Ability to support diverse multimedia file types such as images, documentation, spreadsheets and other types of files or unstructured data
  • Gamma/E-Beam/X-Ray sterilization-proof
  • Blockchain on a chip – first verifiable edge ledger on a chip
  • Rated for 30+ year data retention and durability through extreme temperatures, vibration, and shock

IoT at the Edge

Our Solutions
  • Aerospace Supply Chain Visibility
  • Aseptic Manufacturing
  • Field Service Asset Mangement
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Sterile (Gamma/E-beam/X-Ray) Supply Chain
  • Tool Tracking

Platform Advantages

The platform is agnostic to mobile and gateway devices, businesses processes and workflow content, data format and communication standard, and autoID endpoint.


Tego’s AIP is a flexible and streamlined SaaS hardware/software solution that integrates multiple systems to provide the most up to date data on a given asset’s life cycle, business processes, and field worker activity.


Configure the platform to your specific use-case or chose from industry specific template. Control who has access to which functionality and data. Our API enables plug and play integrations that sync seamlessly with IIoT, EAM, and ERP systems.


Extend the reach of your asset visibility and intelligence even in the harshest conditions with unprecedented data longevity (30+ years). Put your power supply worries aside – Tego’s solution doesn’t even require a battery.


Easily and securely manage critical data directly on an asset through wireless communication protocol. Encryption, data signature, smart memory partitions and passwords help to keep your edge data safe and secure.

Try it yourself…

Ready to learn what the TegoConnect App and Tego Hub are all about? Try it yourself on your own time, it’s easy.

1. Download the App

2. Register

3. Login to the Tego Hub

4. Explore the product and capabilities

We’ll even help you out. Use the video for steps on how to download the TegoConnect App on your mobile device and who to register.

TegoConnect – Edge Data through a Mobile Application with Cloud Integration

Take Asset Intelligence to the Edge

TegoConnect, our software application, seamlessly manages asset information and business process performed on the asset(s). The communication occurs wirelessly but digital records are stored on the asset inside a TegoTag [TegoChip inside]. TegoConnect mobile sends all field activity logs wirelessly to TegoHub, our cloud offering when connectivity is available. Access to business process information in the field (disconnected) gives maintenance personnel full visibility into the asset’s history, allowing for optimal service and repair planning and execution.

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