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Imagine That Your Assets Are Talking To You

Now imagine you are listening

Valuable data creates valuable action,
right from the source

Tego’s technology embeds data and documents directly on an asset, bringing intelligence to your assets and useful and timely information at the point of use.  You can transfer the data to and from enterprise systems yet there is no need for constant connectivity. The local data allows for local analytics and decision making.


Tego’s Asset Intelligence Platform can transform value chains

We complement the Internet of Things and focus on the “T” in IoT.  Our end-to-end platform of integrated chip, tag and software makes your assets smart, with embedded intelligence at the source, ready to analyze and deliver to the right people and systems at the right time.  A system of smart things can transform any organization’s value chain and enrich value chains for multiple parties.

Business applications

Smart assets drive smart business.  Improve processes within your organizations or across supply and value chains, extend your assets’ values and generate new opportunities.


Life cycle and service management

In the age of IoT, leveraging distributed intelligence about a product or asset’s lifecycle delivers operational excellence.

Product and process compliance

Compliance is dramatically simplified when intelligence is embedded on the product and critical information securely and selectively shared.

Integrity management

Maintaining and growing your market share means assuring your products get to your customers for their proper and intended use, and preventing counterfeiting.

Other applications

Making assets intelligent allows them to tell their story through distributed data, and enables any business to save time and money and pursue new value opportunities.

Leading B2B companies use Tego