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Automated Visibility, Traceability and Real-Time Analytics

Tego is your complete solution for asset tracking and data management. At the intersection of RFID technology, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), supply chain management, and enterprise asset management, Tego’s integrated hardware-software platform provides unique data reporting capabilities—even in the most extreme and inhospitable of environments.

Fueling the IIoT

Rugged Data for Rugged Assets

Tego’s innovative, rugged, high-memory radio-frequency chips, tags, and OS software enables the delivery of unprecedented life cycle visibility and supply chain intelligence, analytics for field service providers, on-asset chain of custody reporting, and total traceability across the ecosystem.

  • Edge-to-enterprise visibility, digitization, and control
  • Increase efficiencies, productivity, engagement and ROI
  • Respond to the environment and market dynamics faster
  • Scale to meet business requirements

Our revolutionary end-to-end platform solution of integrated chip, tag, and Software as a Service (SaaS) has enabled the following:

  • 80% Reductions in labor and time for predictive maintenance.
  • 90% Reduction of resources allocated across the supply chain.
  • 35% Reduction in replacement costs due to lack of visibility.

Accessible Data Creates Valuable Action

Tego’s solutions provide total transparency and business process visibility for any asset, anywhere.

Aseptic Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical aseptic manufacturing requires cleanroom CGMP conditions, including quality control environmental monitoring programs. Tego’s sterilization-proof technology enables digital traceability with reporting oversight throughout the entire process.

Flyable Parts

Tego’s Flyable Parts Solution enables automated, permanent identification and easily traceable maintenance histories for airplane parts.

Sterile Supply Chain

Rigorous regulatory guidelines within healthcare supply chains call for unique solutions. Tego’s sterilization-proof RFID solution is proven to withstand the stringent environmental requirements mandated by medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical aseptic manufacturing, and hospitals.

Asset Management and Field Service

Tego’s Asset Management Solution provides field service workers instant and complete business process visibility. Manage and track maintenance schedules, asset conditions, and lifecycle activities right at the edge where maintenance employees need data most.

Rethink Data at the Edge

The Tego Platform Will Transform Your Business Operations
High Capacity Storage

The TegoChip enables high-capacity data storage at the edge, supporting diverse multimedia file-types.

Immutable Record

Gain more insight with an immutable, visible record of all prior business process interactions with assets.

Rugged Memory

TegoChip’s rugged digital memory survives even the most extreme conditions; Rated for 30+ year durability.

No-Power Technology

Connectivity is not necessary with Tego. The chip’s low-power / no-power technology is suitable for disconnected and/or remote and mobile assets with its local read-write capabilities.

Gamma/E-Beam Sterilization Proof

From manufacture to point-of-sale, your data remains intact even through historically destructive processes like gamma and e-beam sterilization.

The heart of Tego’s platform is intelligent edge data-nodes and customizable white-label application templates for rapidly deployable IIoT solutions. Tego is an agnostic solution that integrates multiple systems to provide up-to-date data on an assets life cycle, business processes and field worker activity.

Asset Intelligence Drives Smarter Ecosystems

Tego streamlines asset visibility and creates efficiencies across the supply chain



Digitize the lifecycle maintenance processes of commercial and military airplane parts, components, and subcomponents for automated inspection checks and more reliable maintenance record keeping.

Life Science and Healthcare

Facilitate visibility, chain of custody, and regulatory compliance during manufacturing and throughout the supply chain for pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, and medical device manufacturing.

Energy, Oil, and Gas

Digitize the lifecycle management of assets related to producing or supplying energy, oil and gas exploration and development, and integrated power management.

Your Industry

Empower your assets regardless of whether you manufacture, distribute, maintain or use and manage high-value and high-impact assets or products.

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