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Tego Solution’s Unique Capabilities

End-To-End Tracking Through Aseptic Conditions

Gamma/E-Beam Sterilization Proof Solution

Unrivaled Edge Data and Chain of Custody Throughout Your Ecosystem

Trace Your Assets through Inhospitable Environments

Don’t Lose Data in Remote/No-Power Environments

An Immutable Record of all your Assets’ Prior Business Interactions

Easily Track Mobile and Globally Distributed Assets

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Smart Manufacturing

Enterpise-Wide Visibility, Traceability and Edge Analytics

Digital transformation harnesses the power of automating both the data and meta-data pertaining to the people, the parts, and the processes at the core of every business. Tego’s solution provides business analytics, real-time location management, and key performance indices related to work in progress, asset tracking, and quality management. A system-wide solution with alerts, facilitates real-time response to dynamic work flow, and proactively monitors and mitigate risk as it arises.

Transform your Manufacturing Processes

Aseptic Manufacturing Solution

True Chain of Custody and Automated CGMP Reporting

Pharmaceutical aseptic manufacturing requires cleanroom CGMP conditions, including quality control environmental monitoring programs. With Tego’s sterilization-proof technology, we deliver digital traceability with reporting oversight throughout the entire process. This visibility throughout material management through aseptic manufacturing and quality assurance environmental monitoring processes allows you to uncover trends, link outcomes to products and practices, identify waste, and reallocate working capital.

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Take Control Of Reporting in GMP

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Sterile Supply Chain Solution

Gamma and E-Beam Sterilization-Proof RFID Solution

From manufacture to the point of sale, your assets can be traced through even the most rugged conditions, including gamma and electron beam sterilization. The TegoChip is the first of its kind to withstand harsh manufacturing processes. This edge-to-enterprise solution enables medical & healthcare manufacturing companies to eliminate inefficiencies throughout production, allows downstream visibility throughout the ecosystem, and maximize every production dollar spent.

Get Insight Into Your Sterile Supply Chain

Flyable Parts Solution

Track Your Assets’ Life Cycle throughout the Ecosystem

The condition of an asset is constantly changing, especially when that asset has a 30+ year lifecycle and various organizations around the world service it. Tego’s solution allows an organization to have full visibility into an asset’s entire life cycle history, including warranty information, links to manuals, installation videos and other business process information. By utilizing the TegoHub, you can track your assets life cycle information across the entire commercial aerospace ecosystem.

engineer checking airplane parts using aerospace smart asset management solution

Fly Smart With Tego

Asset Management and Field Service Solution

Connectivity Isn’t Always Practical

Tego’s Asset Management solution provides field service workers instant and complete business process visibility. Manage and track maintenance schedules, condition, and lifecycle activities right at the edge, in the field where maintenance employees need to know. This means we deliver value anywhere in the world, even in remote areas without connectivity to WiFi or cellular service.

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Utilize Information Where It Matters Most, In The Field

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Tool Tracking Solution

A Perpetual Record of Your Asset’ Business Processes

The key to long asset life and low capital budgets comes through accurate and reliable access and control related to the location, condition, and life cycle of the asset. Readily available calibration history, repair instructions, and life cycle traceability are essential when working on machinery, both large and small, that can decrease production and revenue when out of commission. Tego’s plug-and-play solution provides complete visibility at the edge where information is key to getting valuable pieces of equipment back in circulation.

Hold Your Tools Accountable

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