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Employ smart asset and edge solutions for energy and utilities that work in the field, at the point of need, in all conditions

Digital assurance of pedigree, origin or service history – embedded on oil & gas and utilities products and assets by manufacturers – provides proof of assets’ authenticity and ensures proper and ongoing use.

Whether it be consumables, replacement parts or components – each must have the manufacturer’s digital signature in order to be used with other associated components in the field. Assuring that pedigree parts and components are the only ones partners and end users have ensures proper operation and service and protects revenues on maintenance contracts.

Tego puts digital data – manufacturer origin, maintenance histories
and more – on assets in the field, from pipelines and valves to pumps and meters, and enables energy, oil & gas companies to collect and store IoT data.

With Tego’s help, energy companies can make smarter decisions in the field for safer, more efficient operations around the globe.

Our solutions withstand blistering heat, unlivable cold, and deep-water environments without requiring an IP address, batteries, or a power source.

apix2Tego’s Asset Intelligence Platform enables assets in energy and oil & gas industries to be retrofitted with rugged digital data, making lifecycle history instantly available and enabling automation of maintenance alerts based on the most up-to-date service history.

Tego offers an unprecedented asset visibility solution for energy, oil and gas companies

Tego minimizes redundant inspections, reduces wasted process time, and ensures the integrity and timing of the inspection process. Benefit from real-time operational and safety equipment information and certificate stored on the equipment itself. Store, manage, and maintain complete lifecycle information for any asset with its ongoing inspection reports and certification. Additional benefits include:

  • Timely configuration management
  • Immediate root-cause analysis
  • Better component tracking
  • Rework reduction
  • Improved accountability

Power up Your Energy Operations Assets

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