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Custom IoT Solutions and Asset Management is Possible For Any Business

Imagine your assets are talking to you.

Smart products, components or assets that tell their story can save you time, costs, labor hours and can prevent downstream risk. They can also generate new opportunities for smarter operations, smarter channel relations and smarter business. What could you do for your business if you could:

  • Collect a resident history of ongoing, updatable actions taken on each asset or component over time?
  • Share progressive or just-in-time asset condition or history information with different stakeholders without sharing access to protected databases?
  • Remove data interoperability stumbling blocks for your partners?
  • Identify the best way to handle and use your product or component for its optimal use and reuse?

Handle your infrastructure smart – be the best custodian of your most valuable assets and components. Throughout their entire life cycle.

Smart Cities. Smart handling. Smart infrastructure. Smart supply chain. Smart implants. Smart performance. The smart asset innovation is upon us. Here are glimpses of smart assets in action across various settings, industries and use cases:

Smart cities

Smart cities are creating highways with smart infrastructure built to last longer. A company in Europe that lays asphalt for high-speed roadways is using Tego’s solutions to monitor their raw materials and ensure proper curation for maximal performance and extended life.

Smart Handling

Manufacturers and distributors of hazardous products are embedding digital images and handling precautions on the assets so chain-of-custody stakeholders know exactly what they are handling and how best to maintain the product for ongoing safety.

Smart Implants

Hermetically sealed implants carry digital medical records including X-rays, disease management history and drug intolerances – especially beneficial for patients requiring frequent emergency care wherever they go, including those at risk of being incapacitated and unable to relay information to caregivers in their time of need.

Smart Performance

Companies have a better way to relate performance and failure of product in the field back to original source and OEM manufacturers.

Let’s talk up smart asset innovation for your business and industry. Contact us today.

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