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Our MRO Software Delivers Data at Your Fingertips

In the age of IoT, embedding intelligence into the physical product or asset, delivers better, safer and leaner manufacturing, distribution, maintenance and overall business. By enabling data connectivity on each individual product or asset you can improve multiple processes, protect revenue streams and identify new opportunities.


Lifecycle and service management

Leveraging distributed intelligence about a product and asset’s lifecycle delivers operational excellence.

Product and process compliance

Compliance is dramatically simplified when intelligence is embedded on the product and critical information securely and selectively shared.

Integrity management

Maintaining and growing your market share means assuring your products get to your customers for their proper and intended use, and preventing counterfeiting.

Other applications

Making assets intelligent allows them to tell their story through distributed data, and enables any business to save time and money and pursue new value opportunities.

Case Studies

Learn how a global company with a complex international supply chain realized over 40 million euros in savings over 10 years.

See how a global manufacturer, with hundreds of locations and databases in multiple countries, reduced internal process time from an eight-hour shift to less than 30 minutes.

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