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Product and
Process Compliance Management Solutions

Gain visibility and manage product, component, asset or process compliance requirements

Tego’s AIP does this by embedding data and documents on related assets – from complete chain of custody information through access, handling, servicing and other records.

Companies in highly regulated industries have special requirements and considerations related to product and asset safety and compliance management.  Additionally, companies in many supply chains need to comply with customer, vendor or other process requirements around products or assets.

Using Tego’s AIP to embed critical information on each individual asset or product, companies and organizations achieve visibility into critical processes, compliance with regulations and mandates, and can swiftly handle concerns across the entire value chains. Ongoing assurance, process documentation, keeping track of chain of custody, and ensuring proper use have never been easier.

Tego’s AIP enables the following types of digital data to be embedded on products, components and consumables at the time of manufacturing:


Management of product compliance data directly on your assets enables real-time, predictive analytics with large
cost savings and improved safety conditions.

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