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Enrich your local physical world with local tego chip intelligence

Distributed local asset intelligence completes the vision and promise of ubiquitous IoT connectivity.  When you rethink your physical world, one asset at a time, you are rewriting today’s rules for how business will be done tomorrow. Enabling intelligence on physical assets is not only the path to digitizing your entire chain between asset and business-critical systems, it is the path to game-changing business transformation.

When every asset tells its story…

Then your business can transform its physical assets into a system of distributed intelligence with countless new embedded data points.

physical assets smart

Making physical assets and things smart by embedding and utilizing intelligence throughout their life cycle.

Enable the distribution and interoperability of data

Enabling the distribution and interoperability of data, realizing the promise of IoT and extending it to billions of new end points.

data available on demand

Making data available on demand to all or specified stakeholders in your value chain.

Enabling game-changing business transformation

Any business or organization makes, uses, maintains or handles assets. What do you want your assets to tell you?

When every asset tells its story…

Your business can enable your entire value chains with embedded intelligence. Manufacturers and suppliers, distributors and maintenance organizations, across industries, will be able to:

longer-lasting things

Make better, longer-lasting things and take
better care of assets.

Maintain assets

Assemble, safeguard, maintain and repair optimally the assets under production, custody and management.


Redefine the processes of manufacturing, distributing and maintaining assets and products for better yield.


Enable new ways of doing things
and new business models.


Improve sustainability of manufacturing, care and repair, and the sunsetting/disposal of assets.

Let’s partner for the smart asset future

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