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Pharma Supply Chain, Environmental Monitoring, Gamma Sterilization
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Pharmaceutical manufacturing requires aseptic conditions, including environmental monitoring with gamma sterilization-proof technology to enable digital traceability and visibility of the entire product lifecycle.

Tego brings UDI compliance and life cycle intelligence to pharmaceutical supply chain, medical devices and consumables, and laboratory processes. Tego’s life sciences solution enables digital information to survive gamma sterilization on physical assets for smarter business and safer patient care.

The FDA-mandated UDI compliance and e-pedigree documentation required to identify and assure a product’s safety and efficient use by patients is driving the demand for smarter assets and products.

From pharmaceutical manufacturers to healthcare providers – across life science verticals – companies and organizations are being asked to make information associated with products, processes, and safety assets visible and accessible from initial creation through sometimes highly controlled distribution conditions and channels, until clinical use.

The most reliable way for those organizations to meet these requirements is to push critical quality and safety data onto the product or asset itself.

  • The collection and management of process control information, manufacturing supply, and life cycle information on items, allows distributors, hospitals and end users safe and appropriate use of devices, equipment, materials and drugs.
  • More data on the assets that survive gamma and eBeam irradiation facilitates a more responsive value chain, regulatory compliance and safer products and processes.

From UDI compliance and cGMP to increased sales and revenue

The Value and ROI of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Smart Asset Solutions

Product Integrity Management: 16X process improvement in manufacturing, $300M capex cost avoided for 1/8th the cost

Power your assets with local intelligence

Learn how global pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical devices companies are transforming their operations and supply chain management through sterilization-proof smart UDI compliance, e-pedigree, serialization and chain of custody management with Tego.