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Pharma Supply Chain, Environmental Monitoring, Gamma Sterilization
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Life Science & Healthcare Solutions

Sterile materials, sterile conditions and controlled processes 

Tego brings automation and visibility to sterile manufacturing environments and supply chains. 

Tego’s sterilization proof asset tracking solution is proven to withstand:

  • Gamma sterilization
  • eBeam sterilization
  • Ethylene oxide sterilization
  • Cold storage (-80C)

The solution provides enterprise-wide visibility for better reporting, leaner operations and improved outcomes.

From pharmaceutical manufacturers to sterilization providers – tracking throughout the supply chain – companies and organizations are being asked to provide detailed information about products, processes, and safety measures.

The most reliable way for those organizations to meet these requirements is to deploy automated solutions with complete supply chain visibility, chain of custody capability, access and control.

The Value and ROI of Tego’s Solution for Manufacturers

Power your assets with local intelligence

Learn how global pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical devices companies are transforming their operations and supply chain management through sterilization-proof smart UDI compliance, e-pedigree, serialization and chain of custody management with Tego.