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The Most Rugged Solution for the Most Rugged Jobs:

Sterilization-proof RFID for Supply Chain Asset Tracking


The harshest of conditions call for the most rugged solutions. Tego’s sterilization-proof asset tracking solution is proven to withstand the stringent environmental requirements mandated by medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical aseptic manufacturing, and hospitals, which use any or all of the following agents:


End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Ideal for healthcare supply chains, biopharmaceutical companies, and life science organizations, Tego’s solution provides complete end-to-end visibility of medical device manufacturing information to healthcare professionals. Our UHF RFID tags are designed for all types of product packaging, including foil-packaged medical devices, tissue samples, and bottles and vials.

Having an ASIC that can withstand sterilization processes means medical devices can be labeled as part of the initial packaging process, instead of downstream after sterilization, reducing travel and processing waste and eliminating extra labor cost.

The high-memory of TegoChip means all supply chain stakeholders can store information directly on the product itself for full chain of custody. This enables healthcare asset management complete visibility, traceability, and security from manufacturing through distribution and to point of use.

Tego Connect and Tego Hub:
Instant Insight and Data Access

Tego Connect – the smart asset management solution – allows organizations to capture, embed, store, read, and write data many times over directly to products themselves. Using the Tego Connect mobile app, essential information is available at any point in time to anyone with a handheld reader and proper security credentials.

Tego Hub provides a centralized database for dashboards, management of rules for field notification, report building and solution configuration.


Tego leads the way in Supply Chain Management


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