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Understanding the Platform



  • Suitable for disconnected, rugged, and/or field assets, with the ability to support diverse multimedia file types such as images, documentation, spreadsheets, and other types of files or unstructured data.
  • First of its kind that is Gamma/E-Beam sterilization-proof and is rated for 30+ year data retention and durability through extreme temperatures, vibration and shock
  • Blockchain on a chip – first verifiable edge ledger on a chip


  • Easily and securely manage critical data directly on the asset through TegoConnect, a mobile or fixed device application to deliver supply chain intelligence, business analytics, workflow/process management at the edge.
  • TegoConnect supports – iOS, Android, Windows and OS X – and integrates with TegoHub and enterprise applications.

The Cloud/Hub

  • A configurable, scaleable, platform with industry specific templates for rapid deployment and a cross-platform library.
  • Supports all major mobile and desktop operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows, and OS X.
  • APIs allow simple plug and play integration with IoT, EAM and ERP systems.

Platform advantages


Store large amounts of life cycle and sensor data and documents (including images) on the asset; provide critical asset data your IoT system doesn’t capture today.


Configure Tego’s AIP to your specific use cases. Choose who has access to what data. Never worry about security of asset data and access again. Integrate with IoT, EAM and ERP systems.


Extend the power of your asset intelligence in the harshest conditions. Enable your asset data with unprecedented longevity (30+ years). Put your power supply worries aside – Tego’s AIP doesn’t even require a battery.


Secure your asset and IoT data with the most comprehensive protection available today. Encryption, data signature, smart memory partitions and passwords keep your data safe and secure.

Go smart

Find out how Tego’s AIP can solve your specific problem and drive new solutions.