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Webinar: IP portfolio management for SMEs

Tego CEO Timothy Butler presented a webinar along with PatSnap – Strategic Intellectual Property. Tego’s technology embeds data and documents directly on an asset, creating business intelligence and powering the internet of things.

By 2020, an estimated 50 billion devices, robots, and sensors will be connected to the internet, and to each other. These devices are impacting every aspect of how we work and live, in what is being described as the 4th industrial revolution.

Timothy Butler will share how the company’s intellectual property strategy began to take shape while the Tego was still a very early stage startup. He’ll discuss how Tego’s IP strategy has evolved as the company has grown, and share insights on best practice for SMEs when managing their IP.

View the full webinar here

Intelligent Aerospace MRO for Smart Flyable Parts

Su Ahmad, Tego Customer Specialist, Presents Tego’s MRO Solution for Smart Flyable Parts at the eBusiness Forum, 2015

For the first time at an eBusiness forum, Su Ahmad presents Tego’s MRO solution for smart flyable parts developed both with and for B/E Aerospace. Tego’s Asset Intelligence Platform (AIP) enables smart RFID tracking by managing maintenance information (MRO) stored on airplane seats and is then linked to the B/E’s cloud based Component Maintenance Manual. The end-to-end solution enables the re-ordering of B/E’s spare parts directly from the airplane seat that requires a new part or component. Su demonstrates how smart asset data and information stored on the airplane seat serves as a platform not only for managing lifecycle information but for re-ordering spare parts directly from the manufacturer, as a means to prevent competitor’s parts from cannibalizing B/E’s aftermarket business.

Using TegoTags to Aid in Repetitive Inspections

– Bob Hamlin, Tego CTO, Air Transport Association (ATA) eBusiness Forum, 2015

Mr. Hamlin discusses how the FAA can use existing TegoTag technology and the ATA Spec 2000 standard as a platform for storing, managing and maintaining repetitive inspection information on airplanes.


Smart Asset Solutions Taking off in Aerospace

Tego’s CTO Bob Hamlin provides an overview of how the aerospace industry adopts smart asset or flyable parts solution spearheaded by Airbus. Story begins back in 2006, with its introduction of the first layer of Tego’s Asset Intelligence Platform – the TegoChip – the first rugged high-memory chip with 24KB of data capacity for managing information and files on industrial assets. Tego wins Airbus, B/E Aerospace, Parker Aerospace, and Honeywell.

Oil and Gas Lessons Learned from the Aerospace Industry: Woodside Petroleum

The benefits of smart asset solutions include product lifecycle optimization, something that oil and gas manufacturers and refiners are concerned about just like aerospace’s value chain is concerned.

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