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Intelligent Aerospace MRO for Smart Flyable Parts

Su Ahmad, Tego Customer Specialist, Presents Tego’s MRO Solution for Smart Flyable Parts at the eBusiness Forum, 2015

For the first time at an eBusiness forum, Su Ahmad presents Tego’s MRO solution for smart flyable parts developed both with and for B/E Aerospace. Tego’s Asset Intelligence Platform (AIP) enables smart RFID tracking by managing maintenance information (MRO) stored on airplane seats and is then linked to the B/E’s cloud based Component Maintenance Manual. The end-to-end solution enables the re-ordering of B/E’s spare parts directly from the airplane seat that requires a new part or component. Su demonstrates how smart asset data and information stored on the airplane seat serves as a platform not only for managing lifecycle information but for re-ordering spare parts directly from the manufacturer, as a means to prevent competitor’s parts from cannibalizing B/E’s aftermarket business.

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