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Tego Inc and RF Contols Partner to Accelerate Smart Factory Industry 4.0 Solution Adoption for Aerospace and Defense

WALTHAM MA SEPTEMBER 03, 2022 – Industrial solution provider, Tego Inc is pleased to announce a partnership with RF Controls to deliver Tego’s smart factory solution to aerospace and defense companies and other discrete manufacturers.

“Tego has successfully installed CS Smart Antennas in a production site, with up to 45 ft ceilings, and results stand for themselves that RF Controls products enable a unique and scalable battery-free RTLS option for our customers” said Timothy Butler, founder and CEO of Tego Inc. “RF Controls hardware seamlessly plugged in to Tego’s end-to-end platform solution. The result is a best in class connected solution for use in rugged production and supply chain environments. This enhances Tego’s platform solution, which delivers enterprise-wide visibility, automated process traceability, and integrated reporting with other software programs like MES and SAP. By teaming together, we facilitate faster solution adoption and implementation among customers.”

Tego Inc’s platform solution targets the estimated $40 Billion smart factory market segment consisting of aerospace and defense manufacturers. The solution delivers automation and digitalization of production floor inventory, goods movement, and includes manufacturing data process flows and real-time tracking capability. Installed on-premise or in the cloud, companies benefit from the solution’s integrated data analytics which integrates horizontally and vertically for maximum operational benefit and real-time business insights.

Under the agreement, Tego Inc will showcase RF Controls real-time location hardware. The initial collaboration will focus on real-time tracking of parts, components, and materials used by discrete manufacturers throughout their production facilities and as they transform into finished goods. RF Controls co-founder and CIO, Todd Spence, indicated that “Tego’s solution delivers the most comprehensive business process management solution in a no code, automated platform for customer’s ease of scalability. Tego’s end-to-end solution empowers customers with real-time business insights and automated reporting for improved throughput, better profit margins and dynamic resource management planning.”


About Tego Inc

Tego delivers a platform solution for industrial asset tracking, supply chain traceability, and process management. The company’s award-winning platform provides edge intelligence in both disconnected and inhospitable environmental conditions. With thirty granted patents, Tego’s platform is an interoperable system for building rugged IoT deployments.

Tego, founded in 2005, is based in Waltham, MA.


About RF Controls

RF Controls is headquartered in St Louis and its products are made in America. The company is enabling a link between the physical and the digital world through its overhead Passive RFID RTLS solution. Its award winning CS Smart Antenna, Best New Product RFID Journal 2019, is part of the foundation for a connected future where logistics, manufacturing and retail are transformed into continuous, hands-free, location captured data of every item and asset. For some customers it is the first time they can truly see what they have been trying to manage all along.


Contact: info@rf-controls.com

Address: 1400 S 3rd St, Suite 220, St. Louis, MO 63104-4430

Media contact:

LaVerne Cerfolio


Smart Connected Solutions Improve Business Margin and Increase Market Share

Aerospace manufacturers and MRO centers, automotive and heavy industry providers are readily adopting smart connected solutions to help realize the efficiency and productivity that Industry 4.0 technologies deliver. Typical Lean Manufacturing solutions aim to raise machine utilization, shorten lead times, reduce waste and lower inventories. Smart connected solutions foster automation and real-time track and trace capabilities that integrate production floor activities with their supporting supply chains for more accurate decision making. Market competition and diminishing margins force manufacturers to adopt these new solutions to maintain profitability.



Smart Connected Solution for Aerospace

Learn how aerospace customers are using Tego’s Platform to realize operational efficiencies on their production floor. The platform delivers automation, business process mapping and data integration for a complete end-to-end solution.


Tego Inc and TSC Printronix Auto ID Partner to Offer Complete Edge to Cloud Solution

The Partnership Serves Digital Transformation Initiatives in the Aviation, Automotive, Rail, and Healthcare Industries


WALTHAM MA SEPTEMBER 23, 2020 – Tego Inc announces partnership with TSC Printronix Auto ID, a global leader in the AIDC barcode printer industry. With this partnership, Tego’s Asset Intelligence Platform (AIP) is validated and proven for use across Printronix Auto ID RFID enabled printers. Together, the companies will serve manufacturers across several key industrial market sectors, including aerospace, automotive, life science, energy and healthcare.

Tego is the leading provider for commercial aerospace supply chain visibility solutions and co-author of the ATA Spec 2000 Ch.9-5 standard. As an automated identification aerospace authority, Tego’s validation of Printronix Auto ID RFID enabled printers means they are capable to encode and print UHF high-memory integrated labels to meet compliance with the ATA’s aerospace initiatives. Printronix Auto ID announces immediate availability of printers for sale to aerospace manufacturers, airlines and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) organizations.

The Printronix Auto ID T800, T4000, and T6000e series provide a full portfolio of desktop and industrial four-inch and six-inch RFID enabled printers supporting both standard and on-metal RFID labels and tags. Designed for different print volumes, form-factors, and environmental conditions, all models support automatic RFID label calibration and the high-memory encoding functionalities to work with Tego’s software.

This partnership also offers industrial customers in automotive, rail and healthcare a complete end-to-end software solution via Tego’s award winning platform for asset tracking, supply chain visibility, and real-time location and traceability edge analytics. Tego’s platform solution integrates with enterprise software applications (e.g., SAP) and is configurable and scaleable supporting all major mobile and desktop operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows, and OS X. Lastly, since Tego has the only UHF RFID chip technology that is both gamma and e-beam sterilization proof, this partnership brings an end-to-end offering for both med tech and clean-room pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

“Tego, together with Printronix Auto ID, provides a complete digital solution to track and trace industrial assets in both manufacturing and logistics supply chain” said Timothy Butler, CEO of Tego, Inc.

“In forging this strategic alliance we’ve enhanced our entire RFID printer portfolio to encode Tego’s high-memory RFID tags. This not only enables us to support Tego with their ATA 2000 commercial aerospace projects, but also gives us access to other markets that demand high-memory tags, such as automotive and healthcare,” said Sam Wang, President and CEO of TSC Printronix Auto ID.


About Tego Inc

Tego provides a complete asset tracking, supply chain and lifecycle management solution, providing edge intelligence in both disconnected and inhospitable environmental conditions. With thirty granted patents, Tego’s platform is an interoperable system for building rugged IoT solutions.

Tego, founded in 2005, is based in Waltham, MA. SAP, IOS, Android, ATA Spec 2000 are trademarks of their respective owners. Follow Tego on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

For more information, visit www.tegoinc.com

About TSC Printronix Auto ID

TSC Printronix Auto ID is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative thermal printing solutions. The company is comprised of two-industry-leading brands, TSC and Printronix Auto ID with over 65 years of combined industry experience, strong local sales engineering support, continuous investment in new product development and is capable of quickly adapting solutions to meet the needs of small business customers to Fortune 500 companies. TSC and Printronix Auto ID are proud members of the TSC Auto ID Technology Company family. To learn more, visit TSC Auto ID at www.tscprinters.com and Printronix Auto ID at www.printronixautoid.com

Media contact:

LaVerne Cerfolio

Connected worker is essential to realizing the full impact of digital transformation

The connected worker is essential to realizing the full impact of digital transformation


LNS Research’s ebook “The Connected Worker: Connecting People and Systems to Transform Frontline Operations” outlines their reasoning why connected worker initiatives are not only strategic in 2020 but also an essential part of realizing digital transformation in the next decade.

But first, let’s define what is meant by a “connected worker”. First off who are these workers? Are they a selected few, responsible for the most intricate of business functions? No, the connected worker is anyone involved in front-line operations for a business. That means the connected worker is someone in a manufacturing plant, in the field, or at a customer’s location. The connected worker is anyone involved in the production of goods or delivery of services. Given this, initiatives that connect the everyday worker will have overreaching and significant business impact.

What does connected mean? The ‘connection’ being referenced is an availability of business data being made by new technology solutions that will get implemented in the workplace. This ‘connected data’ and information comes in the form of digital threads, providing answers to some basic question of who, what and why for the business. Examples of threads include information related to digital work instructions, machinery metrics, and automated risk, safety, audit and training information.

The scope of connected worker initiatives, the use cases being addressed and the benefits that connected worker solutions provide is broad. LNS Research outlines them into the following:

LNS Research: Connected Worker: Operations-Wide Scope and Benefits






Connected worker solutions improve not only the bottom-line operations of the organization, but also provide intrinsic value to the worker himself. Connected worker solutions fundamentally change what the worker does on a daily basis. Previous mundane, rote and uninformed routine behaviors are now traded in for high value, data driven activities with real-time data visibility and decision making. As result, the worker is empowered to make better, faster decisions and be more proactive in identifying and acting on improvement opportunities.

Many companies struggle to identify which use case to focus and target for implementation. The use cases that have the highest potential help address the critical workforce demographic and skill gap challenges faced in industrial sectors. As a result, a large focus for future solutions will be mobile device applications for digital field workers and data capture in remote operation centers.

Learn more about Tego’s mobile device application for field service organizations click here.

Collins Aerospace selects Tego as its Global Edge Asset Management Solution for Avionics Business

Tego’s AIP solution provides edge to enterprise data visibility, security and control in aerospace manufacturing and maintenance applications

Waltham, Mass. – October 27, 2019Tego, Inc., announces that its Asset Intelligence PlatformTM (AIPTM) for asset management and supply chain visibility has been licensed and deployed by Collins Aerospace at their manufacturing sites worldwide. Tego’s unique AIP solution is implemented within the Collins Aerospace network with integration to their SAP system to enable RFID tagging of flyable parts in the manufacturing of commercial and military aviation products. In addition to ensuring compliance with the ATA Spec 2000 standard for automated identification and data capture – used widely in the aviation industry – the solution digitizes critical asset information for their next-generation platform. The platform provides a new level of digital data visibility, security and decision making throughout the enterprise.

The AIP solution is deployed by Collins Aerospace together with TegoViewTM, the industry’s leading software for RF scanners to manage flyable parts tagging. In this way, Collins Aerospace is able to continue using all of their legacy RF hardware while preparing to take advantage of the fully scalable AIP solution, which will allow newer models of RF hardware, such as those running with IOS & Android mobile devices. The AIP solution deployed by Collins Aerospace has multiple layers of security in the software at both the RF device and enterprise network levels, ensuring visibility as well as compliance of critical data where and when it is needed.

“Collins Aerospace has taken a visionary yet very pragmatic approach by selecting Tego’s solution to maintain continuity of operations with their existing systems while knowing it allows for future scaling and technology enhancements to be incorporated”, said Timothy Butler, Founder and CEO, Tego, Inc.

Deployment of Tego’s solution at Collins Aerospace is among the largest industrial implementations of the Asset Intelligence Platform, proving the system is readily integrated into backend systems like SAP and scalable to even the largest global enterprises.

About Collins Aerospace
Collins Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), is a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry. Created in 2018 by bringing together UTC Aerospace Systems and Rockwell Collins, Collins Aerospace has the capabilities, comprehensive portfolio and expertise to solve customers’ toughest challenges and to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving global market. For more information, visit CollinsAerospace.com.

About Tego Inc
Tego provides a complete asset tracking, supply chain and lifecycle management solution, providing edge intelligence in both disconnected and inhospitable environmental conditions. With thirty granted patents, Tego’s Asset Intelligence Platform (AIP) is a configurable, scalable, edge enterprise solution with industry specific templates for rapid deployment. Tego’s platform is an interoperable system for building rugged IoT solutions.

As the leading aerospace solution provider, Tego’s global customers include Honeywell, Parker Aerospace, and Collins Aerospace. The company co-wrote the industry standard about asset lifecycle management in the commercial aerospace industry and is bringing their platform solution capabilities to other industries where data on the edge and the ability to withstand rugged sterilization conditions are critical success factors.

Tego, founded in 2005, is based in Waltham, MA. SAP, IOS, Android, ATA Spec 2000 are trademarks of their respective owners. Follow Tego on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.
For more information, visit www.tegoinc.com

Media Contact:
LaVerne Cerfolio

Aseptic Tracking and Foolproof Quality Control

Digitized and Automated Chain of Custody and

Audit Information at Your Fingertips – Anywhere

For pharmaceutical manufacturers, product safety is non-negotiable. Violations could mean front-page news, lawsuits, or worse. Current aseptic environmental monitoring quality assurance practices rely heavily on labor-intensive paper-based methods, with only 15 percent of the market utilizing more automated methods like bar codes. Digital solutions can improve manufacturing effectiveness and facilitate reporting for environmental monitoring.

Learn how Tego helps to:

  • Automate data collection from devices and people.
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and transcription errors.
  • Improve worker efficiency.
  • Improve regulatory compliance.
  • Enable sound product and quality release decisions.

Radical Business Change Takes More Than Data Alone

How to take your asset management from data-enabled to data-empowered

By the year 2025, 463 exabytes of data are going to be created every single day. The accumulated digital universe of data stood at 4.4 zettabytes in 2013 and is expected to be over 40 zettabytes in 2020, growing by 10x in seven years. Most of this data lies in the hands of companies, but data alone doesn’t translate into meaningful insights.

You’ve probably taken steps to extract data from your assets and your asset management program, and that data can help you cut capital expenses, eliminate inefficiencies, and extend asset lifecycles.

Data on its own, though, isn’t enough to help you take the next step toward creating radical business change and insights at scale. Picture having instant visibility into the state of all of your assets at any point, and empowering everyone in your organization to make informed, reasoned decisions based on accurate information. You need more than data to do that – you need better processes enabled by simple to deploy and use digital solutions.

So why can’t you use data alone to make radical change?

  • Lack of transparency: When there’s limited visibility into how the data was gathered, where it came from and how it is being processed, it usually leads to a questioning of the data – when people question the data, it’s hard to drive insights or action.
  • Silos: At most companies, not only is data siloed, but individual business users also each have their own dashboards. In effect, there is no shared, central repository for everyone to benefit.
  • Repetitive Efforts: Because of the aforementioned silos, by nature, lots of efforts end up getting repeated over and over again. Business users don’t have any visibility into projects and analysis that have already been done, which causes a lot of time and money to be lost.
  • No central vision: Ultimately, the company doesn’t have one overarching idea or standard for using data, and with a lack of vision, no one individual business user, much less an entire line of business, can really move forward and execute properly.

At its core, Tego captures and manages asset data at, and in fact on, the asset itself. Tego’s asset management solutions seamlessly feed in distributed information coming from personnel and business processes, combining it all into a powerful repository for centralized viewing and analyses, and enabling local action. The solution enables immediate data feedback and visibility for everyone from the executive level to fieldworkers, the latter of which is typically operating in the least informed but most directed manner.

Find out how you can take your asset management from data-enabled to data-empowered. Learn more about Tego’s solution here.


TegoAir Solutions:

Solution Brief and Use Cases

Time-intensive processes can drag down the entire commercial aviation ecosystem from manufacturers to airline crews to MRO personnel. When you introduce intelligent asset tracking, you can speed up inspections, streamline inventory management, and provide asset visibility where and when you need it.

Learn what happens when your assets can talk to you:

  • Tego gives flight and ground crew personnel a walk-through aircraft inspection and digital alert regarding the status of safety equipment and other cabin interior parts.
  • For MRO organizations, Tego provides a locally stored, digital, lifecycle history on the part itself for every aircraft presenting for maintenance.
  • For Airframe Manufacturers, Tego provides a solution for reliable, full digital inspection and verification during final assembly and delivery to customers

Tego Edge Asset Management (EAM)

Tego Edge Asset Management:

Data That Lives on Your Assets

Inaccurate asset lifecycle information is a pervasive and costly problem. When you don’t have an accurate view into the history of your assets, you risk downtime, premature sunsetting, and depreciation. Tego’s out-of-the-box asset management solution, with edge computing capabilities, is ideal for capital-intensive industries.

Learn to use Tego to:

  • Give asset owners, operators, and maintenance personnel access to critical maintenance histories directly from equipment, components, and parts themselves
  • Eliminate labor-intensive activities like redundant travel or sifting through documents at a repair site.
  • Reduce asset risk, eliminate unplanned downtime, and dramatically reduce total cost of ownership

Sterilization Supply Chain

Rugged Tracking for Harsh Conditions:

Sterilization-Proof Supply Chain Tracking

The sterilization processes undertaken in life science supply chains, healthcare companies, biopharmaceutical manufacturers, nuclear laboratories and sterile processing industries are too harsh for typical RFID chips and tags. Tego’s sterilization-proof asset tracking solution is the only ultra-high-frequency solution to stand up to the brutality of gamma and e-beam sterilization.

Learn how Tego helps to:

  • Allow information to flow freely from the point of manufacture through a product’s entire lifecycle.
  • Uncover usage patterns, link outcomes to products and practices, identify waste, and reallocate and reduced working capital.

Tego Tool Tracking

Tego Tool Asset Management:

The Right Tool, Fully Calibrated and Ready to Work When You Need It

Complex machinery require complex tools. When there are tens of millions of dollars worth of tools and assembly kits scattered across the globe, maintaining up-to-date information about each tool becomes incredibly complicated. Tego’s plug-and-play asset management system is ideal for distributed workforces and assets on the move.

Find out how you can:

  • Get access to critical data about a tool in the field anywhere it travels.
  • Have backend enterprise information available at your fingertips, enabling on-the-spot decision making.
  • Get a single view of your entire inventory in real-time without having to depend on infrastructure or connectivity.

Tego AIP for Hospitals

Tego’s Asset Intelligence Platform (AIP) solution delivers efficient hospital asset management processes and outcomes for both management and clinical staff alike.

Learn how you can drive improved quality of care, staff efficiency, and cost containment through effective asset utilization. From capital equipment uptime and condition management to automatic electronic replenishment of consumable inventory, a cost effective asset intelligence platform can get you there fast.

Learn more about how MROHistorian can generate value for your business – view the brochure below.

Tego Solution – Edge Data through a Mobile Application with Cloud Integration

Tego’s fully integrated mobile application with cloud reporting provides asset tracking and lifecycle data management at the edge. The business benefits include:

  • Reduced labor cost and inefficiencies in paper-based processes
  • Significantly improved turnaround times
  • Reduced life-cycle management costs
  • Increased equipment utilization
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced part authenticity and brand security

In summary – smart assets for smarter, more efficient operations.

Tego MROHistorian Validated by Zebra Technologies

Tego Inc, a registered ISV partner of Zebra Technologies, is proud to announce the validation of MROHistorian on both iOS and Android devices through Zebra’s Global Solution Center.

Tego’s MROHistorian has demonstrated it is fully interoperable with Zebra TC56, TC75X, and RFD8500 handheld technologies, as well as all applicable wireless infrastructure and mobility management software in use in Zebra environments.

MROHistorian provides an “out-of-the-box” embedded edge solution for digitizing asset management. The solution is built upon Tego’s award-winning Asset Intelligence Platform already in widespread use within aerospace manufacturing. MROHistorian offers a standalone solution for automating, storing and managing business processes on assets and products themselves. With MROHistorian, Tego is entering new markets including pharmaceutical manufacturing, rail and renewables to name a few. These markets all need and want one edge platform to provide visibility into their assets’ complex lifecycle history. MROHistorian has been certified by Zebra to meet any user-specific need, while minimizing risk and deployment time.

“We believe this development will speed the transition to a new era of maintenance, repair and overhaul efficiencies, so that businesses can benefit from viable edge management rather than have to rely on EAM only,” said Tego Founder and CEO Tim Butler. “We are extremely excited to work hand-in-hand with Zebra in executing on this mission.”

Specifically, when used in conjunction with Zebra mobile readers, MROHistorian allows companies to store all varieties of critical, digitized information on capital assets such as manufacturing details, part specifications, authenticity certificates, and progressive maintenance activity. Whenever these assets need to be inspected, cataloged, updated or repaired, maintenance personnel have that information at their fingertips, at the point of use.

The advent of digitized asset maintenance will save countless hours of tracking paper logs, enable tighter control of upkeep for more profitable asset utilization, and even improve skill acquisition procedures for new hires.

To learn more about how asset intelligence through MRO Historian helps optimize processes and eliminate risks and costs, visit this page.

To schedule a demo and understand how Tego can improve the visibility and performance of your organization’s maintenance operations, contact us here.

Digitized Rail – Executives See Maintenance as High Priority

In a recent survey of rail industry executives about the future of digitization in rail operations, it is not a surprise to see that 100 percent of respondents expect digital investments to reap a positive change for their businesses in the short term. The more interesting factor lies within how they expect the change to take shape.

Specifically, the industry sees the highest potential for digitization coming within the specific areas of train control and asset maintenance; there is less enthusiasm, however, for the role of digital change within infrastructure and rolling stock itself.  Do you agree – take our 2 min survey here.

From this, we can infer a number of potential digitization gains that loom largest in the minds of rail operators. Notably, they seek:

Better Turnaround Time – due to the high volume nature of rail transport and especially public transit, asset downtime significantly affects the level of service and exposes visible shortcomings in the public eye. If an operator can use a digital approach to alter the dynamics of maintenance turnaround, it surely will.

Safety – Operational safety is at a premium in the high-passenger-volume arena of public transit. Small issues can quickly turn into outsized negative effects. Executives see digitization as a very real avenue to bolster their safety metrics.

Workforce Education and Expertise – Like many of its industrial peers, the rail sector is not immune to the effects of an aging workforce. Workers with 30+ yrs of experience are poised to take the information they hold in their brains with them when they retire unless organizations find an efficient way to capture and standardize it. Digitization can accelerate and bolster the process of transferring knowledge and training younger workers with “on the job” insight and instructions.

48 percent of rail industry executives see an unbelievably high potential for digitally supported maintenance. Tego has a cost-effective, easy to install solution – to learn about Tego’s asset intelligence platform for transforming rail maintenance and life cycle operations, visit this page.


To schedule a demo and see if Tego can improve the performance of your rail organization, contact us here.

MRO Historian – Business Benefits and ROI Considerations

Validate your ROI with Tego MROHistorian

Understand how OEMs and MRO organizations can realize significant operational savings with MROHistorian – the plug-and-play solution that enables capital-intensive industries to digitize their asset management processes. The business benefits of capturing digital data on assets, parts and components range from reducing labor cost and improved turnaround times, to increased equipment utilization, improved regulatory compliance and enhanced part authenticity and brand security.

Learn more about how MROHistorian can generate value for your business – view the brochure below.

MROHistorian – A “Plug & Play” Digitized Asset Management Solution for OEM Providers, Equipment Operators and OEMs

MROHistorian is an “out-of-the-box” software solution that drives significant efficiencies in asset management and MRO processes in capital-intensive industries. It provides asset owners, operators and maintenance personnel with the ability to store and retrieve critical data and documents directly upon capital assets, eliminating paper-work and manual processes to retrieve records and historical information.

Operators can write and retrieve data directly and securely on parts, components, assemblies, tools, etc, using standard consumer mobile devices or commercial RF readers.

Imagine what it would be like to have digitized information such as manufacturing details, part specifications, authenticity certificates, and progressive maintenance activity directly at your fingertips as asset inspection and maintenance are performed?

Learn more about the solution here.

Interested in a MROHistorian demo? Sign up below!

Coverage: Tego “Powers the Transition to ‘Real’ Edge Computing”

“It is an interesting approach that is likely a harbinger of how the edge computing market will develop.”
Charles Araujo, Intellyx

In its recent “Brain Candy Brief,’ analyst firm Intellyx — the first and only firm dedicated to agile digital transformation — reflected Tego’s main premise that many companies may be looking at the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing all wrong.

Indeed, as edge devices get smarter and generate orders of magnitude more data, computing needs to go up to the edge so that only a subset of data needs to be sent to the cloud for more resource-intensive processing and analytics, or to fuel learning in cognitive platforms.

This is Tego’s modus operandi, to let static assets compute directly, without requiring connectivity or calls to an external compute resource.

It is refreshing to see an industry luminary so clearly ‘get’ what Tego is about. Thank you, @charlesaraujo.

Read the full article here.

To learn about Tego’s asset intelligence platform for high-value edge computing, visit this page.

To schedule a demo about Tego’s role in local data strategy, contact us here.

Tego Announces MROHistorian for MRO Providers, Equipment Operators and OEMs

New Application Improves Lifecycle Visibility, MRO Efficiency for Mobile and Stationary Capital Assets

WALTHAM, MA. and ATLANTA, GA — APTA EXPO 2017 — October 9, 2017 – Tego, Inc., the leading provider of smart asset solutions delivering meaningful operational intelligence from any asset, anywhere, today announced availability of MROHistorian. Designed with a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) sensibility, MROHistorian provides maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) organizations, as well as asset owners/operators, with a localized data platform to augment their MRO operations and asset management processes.

The solution, built on the company’s award-winning Asset Intelligence Platform, enables maintenance personnel to store and retrieve critical data and documents directly upon capital assets by way of standard consumer mobile devices and commercial RF readers. With digitized information such as manufacturing details, part specifications, authenticity certificates, and progressive maintenance activity embedded onto assets themselves, technicians no longer have to guess or spend time hunting down handwritten part histories, sort for most recent test results, or locate an asset’s compliance status. Instead, information is digitized and stored, managed, and analyzed dynamically upon the asset, at the edge.

“At its heart, effective MRO is all about delivering the right information to the right place at the right time. If an asset that’s being maintained can actually dictate maintenance needs and instructions to employees, at the precise moment in time when maintenance needs to be carried out, the game simply changes,” said Timothy Butler, founder and CEO of Tego, Inc. “We make every asset smart enough to tell its story, whether it is a 30-year lifecycle story, a compliance story for a regulated product, or a maintenance story where immediate knowledge of current and historical context are paramount.”

When data is written directly onto capital assets and replaceable parts, owners, operators and maintenance contractors of equipment open themselves to benefits of sizable scope and breadth, including:

  • Reduce labor cost
  • Eliminate inefficiencies of paper-based processes
  • Significantly improve turnaround times
  • Reduce total lifecycle management costs
  • Optimize equipment utilization rates
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Enhance part authenticity and brand security

Tego MROHistorian represents a direct transference of the company’s heritage in the aerospace industry, where putting data on critical airplane parts and components has dramatically improved decision-making in the field, enhanced passenger safety, supported more accurate reporting, extended product lifecycles, and produced significant cost savings.

Tego will demonstrate the power of MROHistorian at APTA EXPO 2017, Booth 8105, co-located with TTA Systems.

MRO organizations who want to explore how asset intelligence helps optimize processes and remove cost centers can visit https://tegoinc.com/contact/ to set up a demo or (781) 547-5680.

About Tego
Tego powers assets with intelligence. Tego’s Asset Intelligence Platform makes businesses smarter by embedding digital information in assets and components for the aerospace, life sciences, healthcare and manufacturing industries. Insights about assets’ lifecycle history, regulatory compliance and integrity drive operational excellence and new revenue models. Smart asset data is available for the right people and systems, including IoT, EAM, ERP, and Analytics applications.

Tego is an architect and co-author of the aerospace Spec 2000 Ch9-5, has 30 granted patents, serves dozens of global customers including Honeywell, Parker Aerospace, and B/E Aerospace, and is a healthcare leader with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).

Follow Tego on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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