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Smart Connected Solutions Improve Business Margin and Increase Market Share

Aerospace manufacturers and MRO centers, automotive and heavy industry providers are readily adopting smart connected solutions to help realize the efficiency and productivity that Industry 4.0 technologies deliver. Typical Lean Manufacturing solutions aim to raise machine utilization, shorten lead times, reduce waste and lower inventories. Smart connected solutions foster automation and real-time track and trace capabilities that integrate production floor activities with their supporting supply chains for more accurate decision making. Market competition and diminishing margins force manufacturers to adopt these new solutions to maintain profitability.



Smart Connected Solution for Aerospace

Learn how aerospace customers are using Tego’s Platform to realize operational efficiencies on their production floor. The platform delivers automation, business process mapping and data integration for a complete end-to-end solution.


The Airbus Flyable Parts Program

In 2009, Airbus launched aerospace’s first digital traceability and visibility program dubbed “flyable parts”. Today there are over 3,000 parts on an Airbus airplane that have digital capabilities. By exploring the end-to-end benefits of the solution, it is easy to see why the project was fast-tracked.



Smart Asset Solution in Complex Manufacturing Setting

Life science companies and medical device manufacturers can maximize operational efficiencies when critical product data and information is readily available throughout their value chain — from manufacture to distribution to end use. Tego’s AIP solution benefits pharma, medical device manufacturers and healthcare service providers by providing unprecedented manufacturing visibility and availability of product and regulatory compliance data.

Tego Platform captures product data rugged enough to survive sterilization and other manufacturing processes, while enabling aseptic manufacturing. This breakthrough technology is bringing the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to new industries such as life sciences and healthcare. As demonstrated in the solution brochure, the benefits come in many forms, including dramatic increases in process efficiencies and reduced production costs.

The Smart Asset Revolution in Life Sciences

Learn how Tego’s Smart asset solutions are helping manufacturers, serialization service companies, distribution centers and hospitals bring quality, time and process improvements to their operations

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