RFID as the IoT Connectivity Platform for the "Last 10 Meters"
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Tego as the IoT Connectivity Platform for the “Last 10 Meters”

IOT the last 10 metersWhat exactly is the 10/90 rule as it applies to the Internet of Things (IoT)? According to Dr. Mazlan Abbas at the IoT Global Innovation Forum, the “last 10 meters” represents greater than 90 percent of “things” that are not yet connected to the Internet. This might include devices that utilize sensors for temperature, pressure, moisture and more. While many connectivity options such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi could provide a solution, RF technology is currently poised to be the best method for connecting the devices that are part of the “last 10 meters.”

While TegoTags don’t operate with their own IP addresses, an RF portal can collect the data acquired by these tags and communicate that data to the cloud. Because the tags are small, have a low cost point and require little power, it is now possible to tag all sorts of devices and get them on the network. The RF technology continues to evolve and is standardized across aviation, life sciences, energy and more. Also, Tego as moved the capability of RF past simply identifying things. The TegoChip includes things such as on board security processing, large amounts of memory storage and sensor technology.

Looking toward the future of the Internet of Things, it is easy to see that RF technology will control how it all evolves. Cisco predicted that by 2020, 30 billion “things” will be connected. The frontrunner for the technology needed to make those connections is UHF, as RFID tags are incredibly cost effective, long-lasting and can be placed in areas where other technologies could not survive.

At Tego, we provide RF solutions for equipment manufacturers in the oil and gas, aviation and healthcare industries. We designed the first passive, rugged high memory, wireless, long-life, extremely durable RFID chip. We are also the only provider of flyable parts tags that are compliant with Air Transport Association 2000. Our products are built to last a century by surviving high levels of radiation exposure and extreme temperature ranges. Today, we lead the RF market with a host of RF products that are helping to connect the remaining devices in the “last 10 meters.”

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