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Hello? It’s Me, Your Refrigerator…

For some time now, there has been a lot of hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) concept. And for good reason. The interconnectedness of smart assets – products, machines, appliances and even buildings – opens up a world of possibilities.

To date, much of the hype has revolved around consumer applications. We already are starting to see vehicles with networked sensors that can take evasive action to avoid accidents. And one of the most enduring examples of IoT technology remains the vision of a refrigerator that calls to remind you to pick up milk.

But let’s not forget the considerable value that the Internet of Things brings to industrial and commercial applications. As a recent article in Forbes asks, ‘Where does IoT have the greatest potential to create economic value?’

As smart assets continue to generate and communicate more and more data, collaboration around that data provides insights that allow businesses to operate in new and more efficient ways. Data sharing and analysis leads to faster time to market, predictive maintenance for improved safety and reliability, increased productivity and better lifecycle management.

A variety of industries are taking advantage of this capability, employing the Tego High Memory RFID solution to enable smart assets to gather, store, maintain and share full lifecycle information when and where it’s needed most to optimize business efficiencies. This valuable access to critical business data contributes to greater overall efficiency and profitability.

It’s exciting to see the future unfold before our eyes. Smart assets are already enabling the Internet of Things, and a brave new world of possibilities is just around the corner. The key question now is ‘How do we best deploy these smart assets to derive the most benefit possible from this brave new interconnected world?’

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