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Intelligent Aerospace – The Transformational Effect of Asset Intelligence for MRO and FBO organizations

“The day will come when every serialized, repairable, replaceable and maintainable part — numbering 10,000 on a typical airframe, will carry its own data.”

Intelligent Aerospace magazine puts asset intelligence into context for aviation MRO organizations and Fixed-base Operators (FBOs).

From the article:

The product lifecycle visibility challenge is largely a product of limited information, and it can utterly hamstring maintenance processes. At best, products and components today may carry a serial number, a barcode, or perhaps a digital ID tag, but they often exclude the finer details about the product’s specifications, configuration, maintenance history, and usage that are so central to efficient operation, maintenance, and even regulatory compliance in many industries. Instead, this information is typically kept on paper logs, in centralized Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems, or in some cases nestled within the “tribal knowledge” of an experienced workforce.

Each of these modus operandi is complicated, expensive to maintain, and has inherent limitations. Paper logs can get misplaced or become unreadable, and data within enterprise systems can erode during IT consolidation and upgrade cycles; worse yet, it can become inaccessible if workers are in remote locations or stationed at a third-party aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) supplier. The factors contributing to “tribal knowledge” are hard to pinpoint and information is perpetually at risk, due to workforce churn. The end result: In many situations, MRO workers are left at the mercy of incomplete or non-existent product history information.

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