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MROHistorian for MRO providers and OEMs: Operational Intelligence for Data-Driven Aerospace Asset Management

For decades, aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) has been heavily dependent on manual, paper-based processes, making it a highly time-consuming, costly and human error-prone process. Inefficiencies related to the decentralized nature of documentation and paperwork often results in suboptimal turnaround times, inefficient utilization of human resources, compromised regulatory compliance and eventually, loss of revenue. According to Deloitte, in most airlines and MRO companies 50% of the mechanics’ time is non-productive – spent on activities like manual processing of paper work and tracing back documentation.

MROHistorian is here to make aircraft maintenance smarter and more efficient

MROHistorian is built on the company’s award-winning Asset Intelligence Platform, and enables MRO providers, equipment operators and OEMs to store critical data directly upon aerospace capital assets and securely update information on them via mobile devices and commercial RF readers. With its digital history embedded, every aerospace asset becomes a node of distributed intelligence with information available at the point of need to guide maintenance, prompt compliance activity for life-limited parts, ensure the authenticity of parts, verify part performance and even provide maintenance guidance and training to technicians.

MROHistorian transforms the way aerospace MRO has been traditionally done:

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Asset 23
Asset 31

Reduce costs and inefficient manual processes

Streamlined digitized aerospace asset management requires fewer man-hours for hunting down handwritten part histories, sorting for most recent test results, or locating an asset’s compliance status.

Optimize maintenance turnaround times

Technical personnel can access digital information about aircraft parts, such as manufacturing history, maintenance activity records, specifications, images of parts and components, eliminating extended tracking processes and shortening turnaround times.

Extend the life of aerospace equipment

By embedding digitized manufacturing and MRO history on the aircraft part, everyone in the aerospace supply chain can have controlled access to actionable insights to maintain and optimize the value and life of the assets.

Asset 24
Asset 26

Improve regulatory compliance

Compliance documents are digitally stored on the asset, which makes them accessible at any time.

Maintain quality and safety of airline parts

Visibility into the aircrafts’ lifecycle and maintenance status for enhanced quality and passenger safety.

Learn how you can streamline your MRO operations with Tego’s MRO solution: request a demo of MROHistorian below.

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