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Smart Asset Solutions for Aerospace: Embed and Track Data Directly on Aircraft Parts

Embedding data and documents directly into aircraft parts solves multiple common challenges and ensures easy compliance with industry standards. From part tracking and identification and readily available maintenance history to compliance and major savings in inspection processes, see how a smart asset solution can address your needs. Tego’s Asset Intelligence Platform (AIP) goes beyond the limitations of the aircraft maintenance tracking software by electronically capturing critical asset information and providing the following benefits:

  • Digital information is embedded on the part– allows the aircraft components to be identified with a degree of accuracy
  • Digital Part History Records– the data travels with the serviceable part wherever it goes, enabling the best repair for improved safety
  • Digitally enabled fast inspections– compliance with ATA Spec 2000, AS5678
  • The right data at the right fingertips– embedded data on aircraft parts delivers intelligence at the fingertips of the right person, resulting in process and labor accuracy, efficiencies and significant cost savings.
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