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Smart Railway Asset Management for Transit Agencies, Operators, OEMs, and Maintenance Organizations

The Digitization Imperative for Railway

For railway transportation and maintenance organizations, maintaining full visibility into the state of their capital assets throughout their lifecycle is a critical part of operations. Such visibility is essential to service availability, passenger safety, and achieving the optimal lifetime value.

Today, digitization is transforming traditional railway asset management, enabling rail organizations to record, store and manipulate critical asset data, and drive major business benefits like never before. No wonder 92% of rail industry companies plan to invest in digitizing their business in the next 3 years, according to the 2017 Rail Supply Digitization study.

Smart asset management technologies allow data and documents to be embedded on the asset itself. That information is available at the point of use and enables critical regulatory compliance, manufacturing and maintenance decisions, and workflow. This is when the game changes – imagine the possibilities.

Digitize, Embed, and Manage Data on Railway Assets for Improved Efficiency, Safety and Workforce Alignment

Tego’s MROHistorian – the smart asset management solution – allows railway organizations to capture, embed, store, read and write a large volume of data and documents directly off the rail asset itself. From production and service history of rolling stock, to product specifications, configuration and usage details, essential information is available at any point in time to anyone with a smartphone-based reader and proper security credentials. Access to digitized information replaces paper-based and manual inspection processes and gives maintenance personnel full visibility into the rail assets’ history, allowing for optimal service and repair planning and execution.

Extract More Value from Your Capital Assets with MROHistorian

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Reduce Repair & Maintenance

Minimize downtime, improve asset availability and ensure the quality of transportation service with faster inspection turnaround

No Loss of Data

Capture and store data accurately through the entire lifecycle of the asset, access at any time for improved decision-making

Digital and Automated Verification

Easily verify processes and assets condition for both safety compliance and operations purposes to eliminate multiple touches of the assets and error-prone manual inspection processes

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Improved Visibility Into Asset Status

Make sure data is accurately updated and stored on the asset, access conveniently via mobile reader

Easy Integration With Existing Systems

Tego’s solution integrates with major enterprise database systems such as IBM-Maximo and SAP and broadens their reach and functionality

Retain Expertise and Train Rail Workers

Digitize assembly, maintenance or repair manuals on the rail assets and retain process knowledge within the organization. Enable and train the younger work force with the digital tools they are so used to

Tego’s MROHistorian Adds Value to Your Current Enterprise
Asset Management System or Database

MROHistorian extends the capabilities of systems like IBM Maximo and dramatically improves maintenance and repair processes:

  • Read and write data and documents on fully configured assets and their components instead of tracing metal nameplates and manually entering ID data into IBM Maximo
  • Have visibility into work orders implementation – no physical inspection is required
  • Gain insight into different configurations of cars and components to plan replacement and repair, save labor effort and time
  • Enable tagging of cars down to each individual component, providing a digital view and history to optimize maintenance

Learn how you can streamline railway asset management and maintenance with Tego’s MROHistorian.


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