Smart assets, Smarter business.Spec 2000 compliant solutions for flyable parts.Inventor of high memory RFID solutions.
Smart assets, Smarter business.
Spec 2000 compliant solutions for flyable parts.
Inventor of high memory RFID solutions.
Sterilization Proof RFID

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

Tego’s “Smart Asset” Solution provides data about equipment, products, and supply chains for analytic insights, operational efficiencies and new value added services. Tego’s rugged high-memory RFID chips and tags make products smarter. Smart assets accurately and reliably retain, relay, and store business information for use when and where it’s needed most – on the asset itself. Smart Assets make for Smarter Business.

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Smart Assets

Attach a TegoChip on an asset, part, component, or system and it’s now “smart.” That asset can begin to gather, store, maintain, and share full life-cycle information and data on command when and where it’s needed most to optimize business efficiencies. Read more on Smart Asset Visibility


RFID Flyable Parts

The aviation industry has identified a number of advantages associated with tagging flyable parts. They include a measurable ROI to the tagging organization as well as downstream value-adds for all organizations involved in the maintenance and management of aviation parts over their lifecycle.


Tego is the leading provider of flyable part solutions. Data available from Tego’s products and solutions will better support aircraft configuration management and line maintenance, repair shop optimization and life-limited parts monitoring.


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