Tego & Internet of Things

Tego’s smart assets manage data and information wirelessly, battery-less, and without internet connection. Tego brings intelligence to ‘things’ that have been unreachable by conventional Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

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Products Built To Last For Your Industry

aerospace applications


Tego products and solutions deliver cost saving technology to the aerospace industry.

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energy applications


Tego’s products create a competitive advantage for energy companies.

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life sciences solutions

Life Sciences

Tego provides the only sterilization proof RF solutions providing visibility and safety from manufacturers to patients.

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  • “Our tags can be used in extremely demanding environments. We’ve really put the Tego chips to the test and they simply keep working.”
    –Kevin Donahue, RFID TagSource
  • “High memory RF will become as common as bar codes in the aviation industry, as accurate, accessible information becomes a necessity.”
    –Carlo K. Nizam, Airbus’ head of value chain visibility
  • “The Airbus story is only the beginning for high-memory, passive RFID tags. Smart solutions with intelligent tags will find their way quickly into many industries in asset management and other business areas.”
    –Tim Zimmerman, Research VP Gartner
  • “Higher asset reliability and better maintenance can improve operating margins – not just by reducing expenses but by increasing revenue… by maximizing the most profisu_table and productive units.”
    –Accenture Maintenance Study 2010
  • “The Tego[Chip technology] has demonstrated exceptional RF performance and tolerance to extreme environmental conditions.”
    –Craig Weakley, RF Design Studios
  • “Our tags can be used in extremely demanding environments. We’ve really put the Tego chips to the test and they simply keep working.
    –Kevin Donahue, RFID TagSource
  • “Aircraft components need to be easily traceable with full transparency throughout a product’s supply chain and lifecycle with the ability to verify their pedigree at all times. After evaluating and testing TegoView’s ability to write and read RFID tags on parts, we are convinced we can meet the stringent requirements of our customers.”
    –Jim Evans, ISC UID/RFID Program Manager, Honeywell Aerospace
  • “TegoView is being deployed across many Honeywell locations where we are setting up workstations that we can configure for desktop and mobile use. One of our teams quickly learned the tagging process using defined templates and then walked the next group through the process. Pre-populated mobile and fixed readers with the same TegoView interface make tagging parts an extremely efficient operation.”
    –Jim Evans, ISC UID/RFID Program Manager, Honeywell Aerospace
  • “We certainly enjoyed working with Honeywell and Tego to make this Spec 2000 RFID solution set a reality. Having worked with Honeywell for many years as their IUID systems integrator, we were able to leverage our knowledge of Honeywell’s operations and demanding standards to guide Tego through the rigorous testing and acceptance procedures. The end result is a Win-Win for all parties concerned.”
    –Gary Moe, ID Integration president

Tego – Making Businesses Smarter

“Smart Asset Solution in Complex Supply Chain”

Sterilization proof RF solutions provide unprecedented visibility, traceability, and safety for medical device manufactures, life science companies and healthcare participants. Tego’s technological innovation accompanied with industrial know how is changing how data and information is stored on products for smarter business.

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