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Tego Announces Surprise Appearance at APTA Expo

Tego is excited to share we are making a surprise appearance at this year’s APTA Expo in Atlanta. Thanks to North America’s premier re-builder and assembler of rail transit vehicles, systems and components, TTA Systems, we will demonstrate the power of digitizing rail parts to improve product lifecycle visibility.

At its heart, effective MRO is all about delivering the right information to the right place at the right time. If the asset that’s being maintained can raise its hand when it needs to be repaired, dictate maintenance instructions to an employee, and do so at the precise time when maintenance needs to be carried out, the game simply changes.

Tego’s approach to make this happen is elegantly simple: put all the information about a given part — its birth record, product specifications, performance and progressive maintenance activity onto the part itself by way of high-memory RF tags that are many-times readable/writable. The value of’local data’ is gaining steam on a macro-level, with AWS launching Greengrass and other big players talking about ‘edge computing’ with greater verve and frequency. Tego is the “missing link” in many of these scenarios, especially when it comes to modernizing the maintenance process for critical assets.

Perhaps more importantly, Tego provides a way to combat the trend of line workers — both within MRO and without — becoming ‘automatons.’ If an employee is empowered to learn on the fly from the very assets they interact with on a daily basis, and can therefore spot potential issues more regularly, they can foster a greater sense of self-worth, acquire skills more quickly, and develop a stronger perception they are contributing to the whole of the company’s success.

This is the light bulb Tego is turning on for railroad operators.

Come check us out if you’re in the neighborhood. We’ll be in Booth 8105 at the APTA Expo 2017.

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